PU Cover Lay-flat
Photo Album

Display your best photos with our white PU Cover photo album. Personalised your photo album by having your name or simple artwork printed directly on the cover

Lay-flat Photobook




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PU Cover Lay-flat Photo Album come with a minimum of 20 pages, add up to maximum 40 pages.

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The Cover : PU material cover

Your design (name and simple artwork) is printed on a white PU cover that makes a beautiful and stunning cover photo album.


The View: Lay flat when open for seamless panoramic impact

No break or binding that disrupts the flow of a spread from page to page. This allows you to create striking panoramic spreads or to get creative with two-page layouts.


The Page: 0.8 mm thick soft page

Each page is printed as one photo and then mounted on a beautiful weighty soft boards making it a lightweight photo album.


The Content: Glossy Lamination Content

The content is printed on a quality paper and then laminated with glossy finish. The images will look just like how you know them from classic photo prints.


Add Lamination

Pages are Laminated with high-quality protective coating that makes it water resistant and to protect your images from fading.

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