Imagewrap Hardcover Layflat Photo Album

Layflat Imagewrap Hardcover is a 180' wide open photo album. the book allows you to print your image across two pages witout any inteuption; this creating a panoromuic view of the content. It's suitable for all kind of occasion.

Flush Mount Album




RM 192.00

Additional page:

RM 6.40

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RM 67.20
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Imagewrap Hardcover Layflat Photo Album come with a minimum of 20 pages, add up to maximum 80 pages.

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Lay-flat Imagewrap Hardcover
Photo Album

Smooth Matte finish cover

Our photo album cover with matte finish are printed on high-grade paper appear to be softer, and more elegant with the smooth lamination.

The pages lay perfectly flat, open out to 180'

A hardcover and interior pages that open completely flat (layflat) to display your photos in their best light. Printed on beautiful, high-quality photo paper, it's perfect for your most beautiful photographed moments!

Solid and hard pages

Design your own front and back cover. Make your very unique photo book cover just the way you wanted.


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