Flush Mount Album & Lay-Flat Photo Album

The pages of the photo album lie completely flat when opened allowing seamless gorgeous spread to showcase your photos.

Key different

Although Lay-Flat Photo Album and Flush Mount Album have the same similarity of giving you an entire two-spread spread, they do have some other key differential. The Flush Mount Album is our premium photo album, from the printing to build quality is the top in class, where for Lay-Flat Photo Album is an affordable middle range photo album using standard digital printing and lightweight photo album.

Soft pages and thick pages

Our Flush Mount Album pages are mounted on rigid board with 1.8mm thick whereas Lay-Flat Photo Album pages are mounted on a soft board with 0.8mm thick.


Flush Mount Album is printed using High Definition quality print that brings out the colours and details of the photos and images. The Lay-Flat Photo Album is printed using standard digital print.


Flush Mount album offer matte, glossy print or premium quality print with semi glossy and semi matte, where our photo album only offer glossy print.

Cover options

Various type of cover options for flush mount album and photo album has limited chooice of cover options.

Handmade vs Machines Made

Each of our Flush Mount Album is made by experince artisan expertise, the page are hand mounted on thick inner core and our designer will calibrate the album page by page, where our photo album are done by automatic machines and no calibration will be done


Summary of the characters for the photo album and flush mount album

Flush Mount Album Photo Album
Cover options Imagewrap, Leather, Linen, Fiber or Cameo Textured , Crystal Glass
No of pages 20 as start, max 40 pages 20 as start, max 30 papes
Printing High definition quality print with matte or glossy finish.
High definistion premium print with semi matte and semi glossy.
Standard Digital print with glossy finish
Page core 1.8 mm rigid thick board 0.8 mm soft board
Binding Seamless Layflat Binding Seamless Layflat Binding
Custom made Choose from available sizes or custom your own size based on request Choose from available sizes

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