6" x 8" Portrait Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook

6" x 8" inches
40 pages
RM 153.60
ImageWrap Hardcover
Paper Type
200gsm premium fine paper with matte / glossy finish. Upgradable to 250gsm.
PUR Perfect Binding
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RM 61.44
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6" x 8" Portrait Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook

Portrait photo book has a width dimension smaller than its height dimension (see picture below). We offer Portrait phonebook of several sizes - 8.5” wide x 11” high or 8” wide x 6” high. The Portrait format has a vertical shape, its spine runs along the longer of the two dimensions. Portrait has the less common use for photo book, but it also has its advantage, you can place a landscape image into a portrait-oriented book as a full two-page spread.

Photobook Highlight

Photobook Shape:

Small Portrait 6 x 8 inches

Durable and small photo book that is simile to novel book size. Easy to keep on bookshelf.

Photobook Cover:

Smooth matte finish cover.

Our photobook cover with matte finish are printed on high-grade paper appear to be softer, and more elegant with the smooth lamination.

Paper Type:

200gsm premium paper as start

Rigid 200gsm premium paper with a layer of lamination that gives your photo book an elegant feel. Options to upgrade to 250gsm paper for a more luxurious feel.


PUR Glue Perfect Binding

Traditional hand-bounded binding techniques for quality finishing and durability that feels like a classical book. Uses PUR perfect binding that could withstand the rigors of repeated opening and closing.

No. of Pages:

40 pages and more

Offer 40 pages as a start, upgradable up to 300 pages.

Page Finish:

Options to choose Glossy or Matte finish

You have an option to choose either glossy or matte finish on your content pages. The glossy finish gives your images a shiny and vibrant in colors meanwhile, matte offers a softer look and images may look sharper.