Label Sticker

Perfect for everyday occasions, wedding, family gift and vacation keepsakes...

Sticker Label

Label Sticker

Promote your business by creating a strong brand presence when you add business logo stickers/ labels to your products, packages, mailings and more. It is also an original, fun and creative way to add personalised stickers/ labels to your wedding, birthdays, baby shower, wine, beer bottles, invitations and more.

Type of Sticker Paper

how do you choose which sticker material is best for your needs? Here is a quick rundown of our most popular materials.


(Gloss surface)

Paper based material sticker, with a mirror like gloss on the surface. Suitable for in-door use.


(Matte surface)

Paper based material sticker, similar to paper surface, can write on it. Suitable for in-door use.


(Matte surface)

Tear Resistance & water proof with matte white surface. suitable for in-door or out-door use.

Transparent / Clear

(Glossy surface)

Clear or Transparent sticker. We offer full colour print + white for this type of sticker.

kraft Paper

(Kraft paper surface)

Authentic brownie & rough surface. sticker that has natural appearance & eco friendly.

About our Sticker

High Quality Sticker

We use only high quality materials for our sticker, with a choice of MirrorKote and Simili paper, Synthetic, Transparent and Kraft Paper to ensure customer satisfaction and at the most affordable prices.

kiss cut

We deliver our sticker on kiss cut. Kiss Cuts are light surface cuts on stickers, it do not cut the backing material, which allows the kiss cut stickers to peel out of the sheet.

Stickers in sheet

your stickers will be repeated and aligned in rows to fill the sticker page in either A4 or A3 Size.

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Do you need help?

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Leave a lasting impression with Photobookjoy quality sticker or label.

Customised sticker or labeling adhesive is suitable for any occasion from individual to businesses. Create your own stickers using your business logo, brand name, tagline, or with your favorite photos, messages and more. It is a perfect accessory that adds a personal touch to favours, cards, wine bottles, envelopes, name tags for branding awareness, marketing or promotional campaign or decoration purposes.

Photobookjoy stickers and labels are made with quality materials to ensure durability. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a choice of beautiful designs that is customisable to make it uniquely yours. You can also design your own artwork to make your designs stand out from the rest. Download our free Photobookjoy Designer software to personalise your sticker and labels.

Production 3 ~ 5 Business Days
Prints Quality Digital Print
Design Online / Offline Designer